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This special topic will focus on advances in touch-screen technologies, applications, driving electronics, system integration, and human interactions. The advanced materials and process technologies associated with touch design and applications will also be emphasized. For those coming to Display Week 2013 to learn all about this emerging technology and how it will shape of the displays of the future, the following list of activities relative to this area is intended to guide you through Display Week.

Sunday Short Courses (May 19)

S-4: Fundamentals of Touch Technologies
Geoff Walker, Senior Touch Technologist, Intel Corp., Santa Clara, CA, USA

Monday Technical/Applications Seminars (May 20)

M-3: Status and Future of Touch Technologies
Geoff Walker, Senior Touch Technologist, Intel Corp., Santa Clara, CA, USA
M-8: Touch-Display Integration Any Way You Want It
Bob Mackey, Synaptics, Santa Clara, CA,USA

Monday Business Conference (May 20)

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Tuesday Investors Conference (May 21)

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Tuesday Exhibitors' Forum (May 21)
F2.1: User's Guide to Large-Format PCAP Displays
Keith Loop, PCAP Displays Product Marketing Manager, 3M Touch Systems
Booth 901
F2.2: The Right Touch: Why It's So Important
Ryan Humpreys, VP Sales, UICO
Booth 326
F2.3: PCAP Design Considerations for Outdoor and Marine Applications
M Harris, Ocular
Booth 1239
F2.4: Touch on the "WoW" Factor: Weird or Wacky
Michael Woolstrum, CEO, Touch International
Booth 1235
F2.5: Cima NanoTech's SANTE Touch Films for Faster-Response Lower-Cost Large-Format Touch Modules
K. Ingham, VP of Marketing and Business Development, Cima NanoTech Pte., Ltd.
Booth 1131
F2.6: ZeonorFilm Optical Films for Film-Gased Touch Sensors
B. Cail, VP, New Business Development, Zeon Chemicals
Booth 202

Thursday Symposium Sessions (May 23)

Session 39: Touch-User Experience (Touch and Interactivity)
39.1: Invited Paper: The Next Touch Evolution Advancing the Consumer Experience in Other Realms: Tasks and Tough Environment
Donald Norman, Norman Neilsen Group, Fremont, CA, USA
39.2: Invited Paper: Natural and Intuitive User Interfaces: Technologies and Applications
Achintya Bhowmik, Intel Corp., Santa Clara, CA, USA
39.3: Invited Paper: The Need for Speed in Touch Systems
Albert Ng, Microsoft, Mountain View, CA, USA
Session 45: Touch Integration and Controller (Touch and Interactivity)
45.1: Distinguished Paper: 12.2-in. 1920 x RGBW x 720 IPS-LCD Integrating In-Cell Touch Panel for Automotive Use
Chihiro Tanaka, Japan Display, Inc., Kanagawa, Japan
45.2: A Capacitive Touch-Screen Controller IC with Noise-Based Hybrid Sensing Scheme
Ki-Duk Kim, Korea
Session 51: Touch Application (Touch and Interactivity)
51.1: Integrated Touch Sensing and Front-lit Device and Applications
Ion Bita, Qualcomm MEMS Technologie, San Jose, CA, USA
51.2: Touch Mura Mechanisms and Its Suppression by Use of Cover Glass
Tomohiro Ishikawa, Corning Incorporated, Corning, NY, USA
Session 57: Touch Sensors, Materials, and Manufacturing (Touch and Interactivity/Display Manufacturing)
57.5L: Late-News Paper: Flexible Transparent Conductors and Touch Sensors for High- Contrast Displays
Erkki Soininen, Canatu Oy, Helsinki, Finland
57.6L: Late-News Paper: Touch-Sensor ITO Thin Films Deposited Using Rotary Sputtering Technology: Comparison of Coating Properties and Cost for DC vs. MF-AC Deposition
Paul Lippen, Umicore Thin Film Products AG, Balzer, Liechtnstein

Wednesday Market Focus Conference (May 22)
Touch Gesture Motion: The 2013 SID Touch Gesture Motion Conference will focus on next-generation touch, gesture, and motion-based technologies applicable to the display industry. The conference will focus on future technology and interactivity trends – and not so much on what is currently available in the marketplace. Interactive display technologies are one of the most intriguing aspects of the display industry – helping to enable completely new usage models in multiple applications. Highlights include actual demonstrations from some of the leading-edge innovators, bringing together many of our senses – sight, touch, motion, and sound. This event builds on the three prior events presented at past Display Week conferences. The primary goal is to assure that the events are complementary – with minimal overlap. The objective is to establish a series of non-duplicative events such that delegates can easily justify repeat attendance with the assurance of highly differentiated programs.