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This special topic will focus on advancements and manufacturing issues related to oxide-semiconductor thin-film transistors, along with new opportunities for increased device performance, greater TFT integration at the systems level, and innovative applications and products. For those coming to Display Week 2013 to learn all about this emerging technology and how it will shape of the displays of the future, the following list of activities relative to this area is intended to guide you through Display Week.

Sunday Short Courses (May 19)

S-3: Fundamentals of TFT Backplane Technologies and the Progress Made on Metal-Oxide TFTs
Jun Souk, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

Monday Technical/Applications Seminars (May 20)

M-14: Oxide TFTs: Technology Trends in Materials and Processes
Sang-Hee Ko Park, ETRI, Daejeon, Korea
M-19: Device Structures and Stability of Oxide TFTs
Jin Jang, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea

Monday Business Conference (May 20)

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Tuesday Investors Conference (May 21)

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Tuesday Symposium Sessions (May 21)

Keynote Session
2.3 Exciting Developments in Oxide-TFT Technology
Professor John Wager, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, USA
Session 4: TFTs I (Oxide TFTs/Active-Matrix Devices)
4.1: Invited Paper: Electronic Structure, Carrier Transport, Defects, and Impurities in Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors
Toshio Kamiya, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama, Japan
4.2: Invited Paper: Development of High-Mobility Zinc-Oxynitride TFT
Yan Ye, Applied Material, Santa Clara, CA, USA
4.3: Invited Paper: High-Mobility Oxide TFT for Large-Area High-Resolution AMOLED Displays
Sang-Hee Park, ETRI, Daejeon, Korea
Session 10: Oxide TFTs II (Oxide TFTs/Active-Matrix Devices)
10.2: Invited Paper: Development of Advanced Co-Planar Oxide TFT for OLED Displays
Uk Bae, LG Display Co., Ltd., Gyeonggi-do, Korea
10.3: Invited Paper: High-Mobility Oxide TFTs for Future LCDs
Junho Song, Samsung Display Co., Ltd., Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Session 16: Oxide-TFT Reliability (Oxide TFTs/Active-Matrix Devices)
16.1: Negative-Bias Photodegradation Mechanism in SnO TFTs
Masashi Tsubuku, Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd, Kanagawa, Japan
16.2: A 4.8-in. AMOLED Display Panel Driven by Stable Amorphous InZnO TFT
Lei Wang, Guangzhou New Vision Opto-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, China
Session 46: OLED and Oxide-TFT Manufacturing (Oxide TFTs/Display Manufacturing)
46.1: Invited Paper: Ink-Jet-Printed 17-in. AMOLED Display with Amorphous-IGZO TFT Backplane
Ze Liu, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., Beijing, China
46.2: Invited Paper: Micron-Patterned Deposition through Shadow Masks with High-Precision Alignment for OLED and e-Paper Application
Thomas Ambrose, Advantech US, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, USA
46.5L: Late-News Paper: Large-Area Sputtered Al2O3 Films for High-MobilityActive-Matrix TFT Backplanes on PVD Array System
Andrea Kloeppel, Applied Materials GmbH & Co. KG, Alzenau, Germany
Session 52: -TFT Manufacturing (Oxide TFTs/Display Manufacturing)
52.1: Invited Paper: High-Performance Metal-Oxide TFT on Flexible Plastic Substrates
Chan-Long Shieh, CBRITE, Inc., Goleta, CA, USA
52.2: Invited Paper: Advanced Sputtering Technologies and Targets for Oxide Semiconductor TFT
Masasuke Matsudai, ULVAC, Inc., Kanagawa, Japan
52.4: Distinguished Paper: Electrical Properties of Amorphous InGaZnO TFTs Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering Using Kr and Xe Gas
Tetsuya Goto, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan