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This Special Topic will cover OLEDs, especially for TV applications. Topics on advanced OLED TV technologies will be included. OLED-based displays have several unique attributes that continue to drive interest for television applications. Also, the explosion in portable video-capable devices such as tablets and smartphones place high demands for the displays. 3D television application puts a higher demand on display power, response times, and high dynamic range. For those coming to Display Week 2013 to learn all about this emerging technology and how it will shape of the displays of the future, the following list of activities relative to this area is intended to guide you through Display Week.

Sunday Short Courses (May 19)

S-1: Fundamentals of OLED Technology
Chih Wu, Distinguished Professor, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Monday Technical/Applications Seminars (May 20)

M-5: Challenges of AMOLED TVs and Flexible AMOLED
Ho-Kyoon Chung, Sungkyunwan University, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
M-10: Dark-State Engineering in Organic Light-Emitting Devices
Marc Baldo, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA

Monday Business Conference (May 20)

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Tuesday Investors Conference (May 21)

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Tuesday Exhibitors' Forum (May 21)

F-1.3: New Subpixel-Structured OLED Microdisplay
Rigo Herold, Fraunhofer COMEDD
Booth 1209

Wednesday Exhibitors' Forum (May 22)

F-3.1: Slot Die Coating for Solution-Processed OLEDs Applications
Miguel Fridrich, VP Sales & Marketing, nTact
Booth 641
F-3.2: Improving OLED-Display Yield and Appearance with Imaging Colorimetry
Allen Henley, Product Manager, Radiant Zemax
Booth 844
F-3.3: How McScience Can Contribute to the OLED-Display Industry
Chul Oh Yoon, CEO, McScience, Inc.
Booth 723

Wednesday and Thursday Symposium Sessions (May 22 and 23)

Session 21: OLED TV (Active-Matrix Devices/OLEDs)
21.1: Invited Paper: Technological Progress and Commercialization of AMOLED TV
Chang-Ho Oh, LG Display Co., Ltd., Gyeonggi-do, Korea
21.2: Distinguished Paper: A 55-in. AMOLED TV Using InGaZnO TFTs Using WRGB Pixel Design
Woo-Jin Nam, LG Display Co., Ltd., Gyeonggi-do, Korea
21.3: A 65-in. Amorphous-Oxide-TFT AMOLED TV Using Side-by-Side and Fine-Metal-Mask Technology
Chia-Yu Chen, AU Optronics Corp., Hsinchu, Taiwan
21.4L: Late-News Paper: : Recent Developments in Carbon-Nananotube-Enabled Vertical Organic Light-Emitting Transistors for OLED Displays
Mitchell McCarthy, nVerPix, LLC, and University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA
Session 27: OLED Displays I (OLEDs)
27.1: A 13.3-in. CAAC-IGZO-FET OLED Display with Narrow Driver Area Using a Highly Efficient Deep-Blue Device
Tsunenori Suzuki, Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd., Atsugi, Japan
27.3L: Late-News Paper: Subpixel Structured OLED Microdisplay
Rigo Herold, Fraunhofer COMEDD, Dresden, Germany
Session 33: OLED Displays II (OLEDs)
33.1L: Late-News Paper: High-Resolution 4.4-in. AMOLED Display with 413 -ppi Real Pixel Density
Chung-Chia Chen, AU Optronics Corp., Hsinchu, Taiwan
33.3L: Late-News Paper: Optimizing Nanostructures to Enhance Optical Outcoupling of OLED Microdisplays
Richard Pfeifer, Fraunhofer COMEDD, Dresden, Germany
33.4L: Late-News Paper: High-Resolution Vacuum Patterning of Organic and Metal Layers for Organic Electronic Devices
Masako Kashiwagi, Toshiba Corp., Kawasaki, Japan
Session 37: OLED Materials (OLEDs)
37.1 Invited Paper: Third-Generation OLED by Hyper-Fluorescence
Chihaya Adachi, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan
37.4 Invited Paper: Molecular Triplet Emitters: From Design to Assembly and Functions
Vivian Yam, The University of Hong Kong, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong
Session 43: OLED Devices I (OLEDs)
43.1: Demonstrating Ideal Injection Efficiency and Enabling Cost-Effective Manufacturing with Solution-Processed Hole-Injection Layer
Mathew Mathai, Plextronics. Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, USA
43.2: Invited Paper: Light Outcoupling for OLEDs: Doubling the Efficiency while Keeping the Dark Current Low
Guillaume Lecamp, Saint-Gobain Recherche, Aubervillier, France
43.3: Inverted Top-Emitting White OLEDs with Improved Optical and Electrical Characteristic
Tobia Schwab, TU Dresden, Insitut für Angewandte Photophysik, Dresden, Germany
43.4: Invited Paper: Non-Isotropic Emitter Orientation in OLED
Tobia Schmidt, University of Augsburg, Augsburg, Germany
Session 49: OLED Devices II (OLEDs)
49.1: Solution-Processed OLED Displays: Advantages and Challenge
Shiva Prakash, DuPont Display, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
49.4L Late-News Paper: Highly Transmissive One-Sided-Emission OLED Panel for Novel Lighting Application
Amano, Toshiba Corp., Kawasaki, Japan
Session 55: OLED Manufacturing (OLEDs)
55.1: Invited Paper: Organic Vapor Jet MicroPrinting of OLED Displays and Lighting Panel
Stephen Forrest, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
55.4: Invited Paper: Development of Highly Productive In-line Vacuum Evaporation System for OLED Lighting
Young Im, Sunic System, Suwon, Korea