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SID Market Focus Conference:
Touch Gesture Motion
Vancouver Convention Centre, Wednesday May 22, 2013

Touch Gesture Motion:  The 2013 SID Touch Gesture Motion Conference will focus on next generation touch, gesture, and motion-based technologies applicable to the display industry.  The conference will focus on future technology and interactivity trends -- and not so much about what is currently available in the market.  Interactive display technologies are one of the most intriguing aspects of the display industry -- helping to enable completely new usage models in multiple applications. Highlights of the conference will include actual demonstrations from some of the leading-edge innovators -- bringing together many of our senses -- sight, touch, motion, sound...

This event builds on three prior events at past SID Display Week Conferences, as well as three separate 2-day TGM conferences.  A primary goal is to ensure the events are complementary -- with minimal overlap between events.  The desire is to create a series of events with unique content such that delegates can easily justify repeat attendance with the assurance of highly differentiated programs.
8:30 AM Greeting:
Brian Berkeley, President, SID
8:35 AM Introduction: Mark Fihn, Senior Principal Analyst, Displays, IHS
8:40 AM Touch Gesture Motion Industry Analysis
This session will feature market research and analytical commentary about growth opportunities in the market for touch and interactive devices.

Duke Yi, Senior Manager, Touch Research, IHS
Tony Gray, Director of Product Technology, Ocular
Geoff Walker, Senior Touch Technologist, Intel
Farouk Zabel, CTO, Touch Solutions, New Vision Display
10:00 AM Keynote: Wolfgang Stuerzlinger- Professor, Center for Vision Research, York University
10:50 AM Great Thinkers: Insights from industry-ren-owned developers in the fields of touch and interactivity
A popular session in the past, the speakers will be challenged in a moderated panel session that intends to explore the future of touch and interactivity.

Jennifer Colegrove, President, Touch Display Research
Achin Bhowmik, Director, Perceptual Computing Technology and Solutions, Intel
Michael Dolezal, Chief Touch Technologist, 3M
Kevin Shawl, CTO, Sensor Platforms
Moderator: Alfred Poor, Writer/Commentator, Analyst
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Focused Opportunities – Haptics
One of the big potential enhancements to existing touch technologies, both direct touch and in virtual space, is in the area of haptic feedback. Human interactivity relies on tactile feedback, which is being creatively introduced by several innovative companies.

Micah Yairi, Co-Founder and CTO, Tactus Technology
Ian Campbell, COO, Next Input
Christophe Ramstein, CEO, Strategic Polymers
Dirk Schapeler, CEO, ViviTouch | A Bayer Brand
2:30 PM Keynote: Dr. Tobias Dahl, Founder and CTO, Elliptic Labs
3:00 PM The Future of Interactivity
The session will consider some of the exciting developments related to the market for interactive displays and remote sensing technologies.

Hrvoje Benko, Researcher, Microsoft Research
Francis MacDougal, Senior Director, Qualcomm
Philippe Lambinet, Vice President, Fogale Nanotech
4:40 PM Lightning Session
This session will include a potpourri of topics from touch and interactivity technologists, providing some perspectives on the incredible depth of opportunities available to innovative minds in the market. One of the outcomes of this session will be to stir the creative process in the minds of all attendees by highlighting some of the possible solutions in the market.

Mark Robinson, Head of Education Product Strategy, Promethean
Gerry Seidman, Founder and CEO, Tactonic Technologies
Risto Vuohelainen, CEO, Canatu
Rahul Gupta, Senior Director of Business Development, Cambrios
Luke Glinkski, Product Marketing Manager, Sapphire Material GTAT
6:00 PM Networking Cocktail Reception

Early bird fee - $595 (offer expires May 2)

Standard fee - $650

The Touch Gesture Motion Conference will take place in Room 211-214 of the Vancouver Convention Centre. The Cocktail Reception will take place in Room 210.

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