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Advancements in the LED and OLED industries open up new opportunities to increase the perception of reality. All aspects of solid-state lighting will be discussed. For those coming to Display Week 2013 to learn all about this emerging technology and how it will shape of the displays of the future, the following list of activities relative to this area is intended to guide you through Display Week.

Monday Technical/Applications Seminars (May 20)

M-12: Backlighting LEDs in General Illumination
Nadya Piskun, Philips Research Center, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
M-17: OLED Lighting
Yuan Sheng Tyan, First-O-Lite, Inc., Nanjing, China

Monday Business Conference (May 20)

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Tuesday Investors Conference (May 21)

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Thursday and Friday Symposium Sessions (May 23 and 24)

Session 47: Human Factors on Lighting (Lighting/Applied Vision)
47.1: Invited Paper: Displays as Light Sources: Resolving the Conflict between Gamut and Color Rendering
Lorne Whitehead, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
47.4: Invited Paper: Opportunities with LEDs for Increasing the Visual Benefits of Lighting
Mark Rea, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA
Session 53: Lighting Design (Lighting/Applications)
53.1: Invited Paper: Drivers in the Adoption Speed of Solid-State Lighting
Coen Liedenbaum, Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
53.2: An Optimization Design Method of an LED Freeform Lens for Uniform Circular Illumination
Zhenrong Zheng, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
Session 59: Novel Backlighting System (Display Systems)
59.1: Negative-Bias Photodegradation Mechanism in SnO TFTs
Masashi Tsubuku, Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd, Kanagawa, Japan
59.2: A 4.8-in. AMOLED Display Panel Driven by Stable Amorphous InZnO TFT
Lei Wang, Guangzhou New Vision Opto-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, China
Session 61: OLED Lighting I (Lighting/OLEDs)
61.1: Invited Paper: 80-lm/W White OLEDs for Solid-State Lighting
Jaemin Moon, LG Chem, Daejeon, Korea
61.5L: Late-News Paper: Highly Efficient White OLEDs with Single Solution-Processed Emitting Layer Consisting of Three Kinds of Dopant
Hirotaka Sakuma, Hitachi Research Laboratory, Ibaraki, Japan
Session 66: OLED Lighting II (Lighting/OLEDs)
66.1: Invited Paper: Outcoupling-Efficiency-Enhancement Strategies in OLED Lighting Panel
Min-Hao Lu, Acuity Brands Lighting, Berkeley, CA, USA
66.2: Invited Paper: Highly Efficient White OLEDs with Over 100-lm/W for General Lighting
Kazuyuki Yamae, Panasonic Eco Solutions Company, Osaka, Japan