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At Display Week 2013, the Society for Information Display will provide a forum for live demonstrations of emerging information display technologies in an exhibit called the “Innovation Zone” (I-Zone) in the main Exhibit Hall. The I-Zone will showcase cutting-edge demos and prototypes that will lead to the products of tomorrow.

The I-Zone offers researchers space to demonstrate their prototypes or other hardware demo units for 2 days free of charge at the premier display exhibition in North America and gives attendees a chance to view best-in-class emerging information display technologies in a dedicated area on the show floor. Access to free exhibition space encourages participation by small companies, startups, universities, government labs, and independent research labs.

Proposals to demonstrate new displays, input technologies, and innovations in related fields such as lighting and organic electronics are solicited. Technologies should be in the pre-product stage, and demos that are being shown for the first time in a public forum are particularly encouraged.

The I-Zone Selection Committee will evaluate submissions and select the strongest proposals to receive free space within the I-Zone. If their proposal is accepted, applicants must cover their own expenses, including travel, lodging, and the creation of a tabletop exhibit demonstrating their prototypes. In addition, a knowledgeable person must be on hand on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 21 & 22 while the I-Zone is open to the public to run the demonstration and answer questions.

Submissions are due by March 15, 2013, and should include a 100-word abstract; a two-page summary describing the novelty and potential application; any relevant photographs, videos (no longer than 3 minutes), or diagrams; and a brief logistics plan for the intended demo. Click here for the website for submissions. A selection committee representing the geographical and technological diversity of SID will select the organizations to participate in the I-Zone. Selections will be based on the novelty, interest, and quality of the prototype to be exhibited as described in the proposal.

At Display Week 2013, the I-Zone Committee will select a winner of the "Best Prototype at Display Week" award, to be announced in Information Display magazine.

Selected Innovation Zone participants will be notified by April 8, 2013. At that time they will be sent the I-Zone Rules of Participation and they will have until Friday, April 12 to confirm their participation.

I-Zone Award, Best Prototype:
Shinoda Plasma Co., Ltd., for a new film-type display using plasma tube arrays

  Canatu Ltd. 3D, bendable, and flexible touch sensors, and thermoformable, transparent, and electrically conductive NanoBud® films 

Center for Display Research, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Field-sequential color display (FSCD) prototype based on Electrically Suppressed Helix Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal (ESHFLC)

Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd. RGB laser module based on Si-platform technology for head-up-displays (HUDs), head-mounted-displays (HMDs), and virtual- remote-controller (VRC)

Fogale Breakthrough multi-touch and multi-touchless technology called Sensation

HoloDigilog Human Media Research Center Emotionally Interactive Holographic Human Media

Holografika HoloVizio 80 WLT full-angle visualization system allows users to see 3D data “as is.”

Innovega Inc. iOptikTM head up display on contact lens

INSiAVA Inc. CMOS microdisplay demonstrators showing stereo and 3D capability

IRX Innovations TFT-based scalable, full-color, reflective, and bi-stable display technology, Electro-Osmosis

MacroDisplay, Inc Power-saving, sunlight-readable, full-color TFT LCD device

MpicoSys Ultra-low-power driving technology for segmented electrophoretic displays

Opalux Inc. P-Ink technology combines the photonic crystal structure with electrically active polymer materials.

SA Photonics, Inc. 30-degree horizontal field of view HUD with better than 20/20 Snellen resolution using WUXGA (1920 x 1200) OLED microdisplays

Shinoda Plasma Corp. Film-type display using plasma tube arrays

Slim HMI Technology Action range communication (ARC) architecture as an interface for electronic devices

Strategic Polymers, Inc. (SPS) Paper-thin, flexible SPS actuators deliver localized HD haptics, high quality sound, and deformation capabilities enabling ultrathin devices responsive to human touch.

Sun Innovations Emissive projection display (EPD) technology

SuperD Co., Ltd. Dead-zone-free, glasses-free 3D

Tactonic Technologies, LLC Cost-effective pressure imaging sensors

Download a full description of all the prototypes here