2016 Program

   Special Topics

Innovation: Move Ahead or Get Left Behind

This conference will feature speakers from the display industry that will cover mobile PCs, digital signage, emerging display technologies (including QD, OLED, and microLED), TV trends, TV materials and components, and automotive displays, materials and technology trends.
7:00AM- 8:00AM
Registration and Continental Breakfast
Welcome from SID
Yong-Seog Kim
President, Society for Information Display
Hongik University, Korea
Welcome from IHS
Ben Keen
Vice President, Technology Market Intelligence
Special Address:
Innovation that will Change the Future Industry
New display technologies are poised to deliver a revolution in the dynamic range of content which can be displayed. This talk will show how by working together, we can take advanced display technologies literally to the stars.
Chas Boyd
Display Architect for Direct3D and HLSL
Why does innovation bypass the PC/IT industry?
This talk will uncover the reasons (financial & technological) why advanced display technology (high poi wide color gamut, high brightness, etc.) has been much slower to penetrate the PC/IT markets compared to phones, tablets and TVs. Is innovation in PC-related displays being left to Apple? What can be done to kick-start innovation? What do consumers and enterprise customers want? How are the new AMOLED-based notebooks being received by the market?
David Hsieh
Senior Director, Display
The Mobile Phone - the Hub of the Digital Universe
This talk will discuss innovation in smart phones that has allowed them to replace PC’s as the center of our digital universe, and what innovations we might expect in this platform to enable them to remain the largest market for displays.
Vinita Jakhanwal
Director Displays & APAC Research
Session I:
Shifting Mobile PC Usage Habits & Small Display Innovations: Has innovation bypassed the PC market?

This session will answer the following questions: Is the PC all about cost, or does innovation matter? Why is PC refresh 6+ years and what can be done to accelerate it? Can HDR, OLED, 4K, or WCG (wide color gamut) bring consumers back to the notebook? What are the usage models in major markets? Who is spending money in R&D for notebooks, AiOs & D-Top monitors? Can display makers make money in this segment?

Panel Discussion - Moderated by John Jacobs, Commercial Technologist, Intel Corporation
Roland Wooster

Platform Innovation Manager, Enthusiast Desktop Group, Client Computing Group
Intel Corporation

Leono Guo Chao

Jason Hsu
Principal Analyst, Mobile PC Display Supply Chain Research
Q&A by John Jacobs
Commercial Technologist
Intel Corporation
10:00AM- 10:20AM
Coffee Break
Session II:
Digital Signage: Innovations in High-Brightness Indoor and Outdoor Displays
During this session, industry experts will talk about the latest technology innovations in high-brightness indoor and outdoor displays. How will these innovations change the industry? What are the latest Innovation in LEDs? How do you monetize installations?

Panel Discussion - Moderated by Sanju Khatri, Director, Digital Signage, IHS
Sanju Khatri
Director, Digital Signage

Digital Signage, Innovation in LEDs
Jennifer Davis
Vice President, Marketing and Product Strategy, Planar
Chief Marketing Officer, Leyard International
Paul Apen
Chief Strategy Officer
E Ink Corporation
Karen Robinson
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Q&A by Sanju Khatri
Director, Digital Signage
11:45AM- 12:30PM
Session III:
Emerging Display Technologies that will Innovate the Future

The current proliferation of flat-panel display (FPD) manufacturing processes, display modes, applications and form factors make the display industry more dynamic than ever. As FPDs evolve from rigid LCDs to flexible AMOLEDs and other new display technologies, the supply chain is faced with a variety of new challenges as well as opportunities. This session will look at innovative display and materials technologies that will enhance performance, lower cost and expand applications, offering insights on how to position for the future of the display industry.

Panel Discussion - Moderated by Charles Annis, Director, Analysis and Research, IHS
Charles Annis
Director, Analysis and Research

Electronically Pure Single-Chirality Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube for Thin-Film Transistor Backplanes
Huaping Li
Chief Scientist
Atom NanoElectronics

Brian Daniels
Senior Vice President and Business Unit Head Performance Materials and Advanced Technologies
EMD Performance Materials
Quantum Dots for LCDs and QLEDs
Seth Coe-Sullivan
Founder and CTO
QD Vision
CYNORA’s TADF materials at the center of OLED industry
Gildas Sorin
Joe O'Keeffe
Conor Madigan
President and Co-Founder
Junji Adachi
Kyulux Inc.
Q&A by Charles Annis
Director, Analysis and Research
2:45PM- 3:00PM
Coffee Break
Session IV:
The 6 year TV Cycle (HD-FHD-4K-8K): What materials and components are required to drive the next upgrade cycle?

This Session will answer the following questions: What leads to success or failure? What is the next "must have" technology? Does QDEF kill OLED? What hurdles exist in the FPD and related (broadcast, materials, etc.) ecosystems to accelerate the next great tech? What are replacement rates for TV? What are the long term growth challenges with millenials consuming "TV" on mobile?

Moderated by Paul Gagnon, Director, TV Research, IHS
Paul Gagnon
Director, TV Research

Daniel Lee
Director of Market Intelligence
LG Display

Quantum Dot Roadmap: 2016-2022
Jason Hartlove
TV Market: Global or Local?
Robert O’Brien
Principal Consultant

Q&A by Paul Gagnon
Director, TV Research
4:10PM- 4:15PM
Session Change
Session V:
Automotive - Innovations and Opportunities

This Session will look at the challenges and opportunities in vehicle displays and uncover the type of technologies that are required in future products.

Panel Discussion - Moderated by Mark Boyadjis, Senior Analyst, Automotive Technology, IHS
Mark Boyadjis
Principal Analyst & Manager Automotive User Experience

Thomas Seder
PhD, GM Technical Fellow
Chief Technologist – HMI
General Motors Company
Bill Simser
Automotive Business Manager
Display Materials & Systems Division (DMSD)
Naoki Sugimoto
General Manager, Business Development Division
Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
Q&A by by Mark Boyadjis
Senior Analyst, Automotive Technology
Networking Cocktail Reception & Special Beer Tasting Event

The beer tasting reception is back by popular demand at DisplayWeek 2016. For the fifth year in a row, you will have the opportunity to take part in the local brewery scene. This year the beer will be provided by HolyCraft Brewery, a start-up brewery located in San Francisco who prides themselves on fresh ingredients and a love for tech companies.
This event is complimentary for all Business Track attendees.
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