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CEO Forum
Success Leaves Clues

Moderated by Sri Peruvemba, CEO, Marketer International Inc.

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Owen Lozman
Head, M Ventures
Merck KGaA
Dr. Owen Lozman is vice president and head of the performance materials fund for M Ventures, which he joined in February 2018. Previously, Lozman was the global head of new platform R&D for the performance materials division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, and was responsible for leading a world-class R&D center based in Chilworth, Southampton, UK. Previously he worked with FujiFilm, Avecia, and the University of Leeds. During his career in R&D, Owen has led many successful projects from concept to commercialization — working closely with customers and partners to bring disruptive technologies to market. Lozman is a recognized expert in liquid crystals, self-assembly, and inkjet printing, and this expertise has been used to develop commercial products that include novel dyes and pigments for high-throughput inkjet printing, organic solar cells, organic transistors, and sensors. As well as being responsible for research execution, Lozman has been actively involved in business development, venturing investments, strategic planning, and change management for the global organizations in which he has worked.
Annie Rogaski
Chief Operating Officer
Avegant Corp.
As a startup executive, Rogaski believes that a diversity of experiences and talents, combined with the shared desire to create something extraordinary, naturally garners success. Through co-founding a law firm and a women’s leadership non-profit, and creating and producing two podcasts, she has worn many hats. Trained in chemistry and law, her entrepreneurial adventures permitted her to also dive into operations, finance, sales, and marketing. She leverages this unique cross-functionality to build and inspire teams to manifest important change, unified behind a vision. Rogaski thrives in early-stage, fast-paced, technology-focused environments where teamwork is critical to success and looks for opportunities to build on or create “team joy” as a core cultural value. Currently, she says, “I support the amazing team at Avegant, where we are developing next-generation display technology to enable previously impossible augmented-reality experiences.” In her spare time, she engages men and women in conversations to explore how to reduce gender bias. She shares these conversations on her podcast, Unraveling Pink, launched in 2017 (available on a variety of podcast discovery platforms and www.unravelingpink.com).

Scott Soong
Pervasive Displays, a BOE group company

Scott Soong is the CEO of Pervasive Displays, a BOE group company. He has 11 years of experience in software services/applications, followed by 16 years in hardware components and applications. He is an executive for SES-Imagotag, a Paris-based Euronext-listed company, and previously led four business units for Chilin Technology, part of the Taiwan-based Chimei group. Over the years, Soong has built and led multi-national teams in US, European, and Asian-based organizations. He has been a founding partner of nine start-ups, including Pervasive Displays. As an entrepreneur, he has over 20 years of experience in organically nurturing and scaling concepts into profitable, operational businesses. He has also instigated and executed to completion multi-hundred-million-dollar cross-border M&A transactions. Soong enjoys working with founders and executives of early-stage companies as an advisor and board member. His experience spans industrial and consumer-based display components/solutions, as well as software and collaboration-focused service platforms across retail, IoT, signage, lighting, and automotive sectors.  He has an MBA from the Hass School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, as well as a BA from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.
Sri Peruvemba
Marketer International Inc.
Sri Peruvemba is CEO of Marketer International Inc., in California. Peruvemba was previously Chief Marketing Officer for E Ink Holdings, where he played a major role in transforming the startup to a $1B+ global company in three years. With over 30 years of experience in the technology industry, Peruvemba has been an influential advocate in the advancement of electronic hardware technologies. He is an acknowledged expert on sensors, electronic displays, haptics, touch screens, electronic materials and related technologies; and consults, writes, and presents on those subjects globally. Peruvemba has also held senior level positions at Sharp Corp, Cambrios, TFS, Inc., Planar Systems, and Suntronic Technology. Based in Silicon Valley, Peruvemba advises high tech firms in the U.S., Canada, and Europe as well as serves on the boards of Visionect and the Society for Information Display (SID). He has B.E. and M.B.A. degrees and a post-graduate diploma in management. Peruvemba is also a right arm off-spinner for a cricket team he co-founded in Silicon Valley.


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