2016 Program

   Special Topics

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Whether you are a speaker, co-author, panelist, moderator, session chair or committee member, we are excited to have you presenting at Display Week 2016! We would like to provide you with free marketing tools to promote your session/s to YOUR contacts. With our marketing efforts and yours combined, we will be sure to fill your session seats!

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Social Media Involvement
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• LinkedIn: Please be sure to notify your contacts of your engagement in SID's LinkedIn group at http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=707517
• Facebook: Similarly please let your Facebook connections know, SID's Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Society-for-Information-Display/764692660275807

Oral Presenters
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Poster Presenters
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Technical Summaries   Dec. 1, 2015
Late-News Technical Summaries   Jan. 20, 2016
Accept/Reject Letters   Feb. 8, 2016
Late-News Accept/Reject Letters   Feb. 15, 2016
Digest Paper Submission   Mar. 1, 2016
Late-News Digest Submission   Mar. 15, 2016
Seminar/Short Course Notes   Apr. 4, 2016
Display Week 2016   May 22–27, 2016
Sunday Short Courses   May 22, 2016
Monday Technical Seminars   May 23, 2016
Business Conference   May 23, 2016
Investors Conference   May 24, 2016
Exhibition   May 24–26, 2016
Vendor Forum   May 24–26, 2016
Symposium   May 24–27, 2016
Market Focus Conferences   May 25 & 26, 2016

Best of Display Week 2016

The Journal of the Society for Information Display (JSID) is proud to announce that some of the best papers that will be presented at Display Week 2016 are already available as full-length papers in the Journal. The DW16 Program Committee selected a limited number of outstanding contributions and the corresponding authors were invited to submit a full-length paper of their work to JSID. An expedited peer review process with strict deadlines was installed and the first accepted papers are now available in a virtual online issue. Access to these papers is free until June 30, 2016.

Submissions must consist of two separate parts. The first part should consist of a single page containing a 35–50 word abstract. The second part should contain a 4-page technical summary that follows the outline below. Please use the following instructions for the preparation of the Abstract and Technical Summary.

35-50 Word Abstract: Your submitted 35-50 word abstract, highlighting the key details of your paper, will be published in the Advance Program if your paper is accepted. The abstracts are usually edited to accommodate the program format.

Technical Summary: Include the first author's name and the title of the paper on each page. Please include the information listed below in the Technical Summary.
  • Objective and Background: Briefly describe the goals and intent of your project. and give background factors that led to the new results.
  • Results: Describe the specific results that will be presented at the SID 2016 Symposium. Please provide a technical description of how the results were achieved. Sufficient detail (quantitative and/or graphical data) should be included so the Program Committee can properly evaluate your submission.
  • Impact: Discuss the significance of your work and compare your findings with previously published work.
  • References: List a few main references covering projects in related areas.
  • Prior Publications: Generally, Symposium papers must be original contributions. If your organization has published or presented material on similar work in English, please explain how the present material differs. The only exception to this rule is that papers submitted to the Applications Subcommittee need not be original.
The Technical summary must be no longer than four pages. Material beyond four pages will not be considered in evaluating the paper.

All authors are required to upload their Abstract and Technical Summary to http://www.sheridanprinting.com/pcm/sid. Additional information must be provided in the online submission form. Authors must:
  1. Indicate if you wish to have your paper considered for oral or poster presentation, if you have a preference.
  2. Indicate the closest matching Symposium Topic from the list provided
  3. Include the 35-50 word abstract
  4. Include a minimum of three keywords for the submission;
  5. Indicate whether the presenter of the paper is currently a student; and
  6. Include the names of all authors with their affiliations, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses. Please underline the name of the presenter when there are two or more authors.
Technical summary/ Abstract submission site: http://www.sheridanprinting.com/pcm/sid.
For assistance, please contact Bill Klein at wklein@pcm411.com.


Attention Manufacturers and Suppliers: These sessions contain information on the practical aspects of display technology such as design, manufacturing, and testing of displays and display-related products. Papers are generally product or process oriented and deal with how something was engineered, how it works, what to use, how to use it, and what to avoid. Emphasis should be technical, not marketing. Abstract, paper submission, and presentation requirements are the same as for the Symposium papers, although the content does not have to be original. Applications Sessions will be conducted in parallel with the Symposium sessions. Applications papers are welcome in all areas of display technology previously listed under the applications symposium topics.


The deadline for receipt of technical summaries/abstracts is December 1, 2015 (January 20, 2016 for Late-News Papers). Notification of acceptance will be e-mailed by February 8, 2016 (February 15 for Late-News papers). Authors of accepted papers will be directed to an online “Authors Kit” with instructions for the preparation of the paper to be published in the Symposium Digest. The paper shall consist of four pages, including all illustrations and is due March 1, 2016 (March 15 for Late-News papers).


Cheng Chen (Technical Program Chair)
Apple, Inc.
telephone: +1(408) 862-7786
e-mail: cheng.chen @ apple.com

Ian Underwood (European Subcommittee Chair)
University of Edinburgh, UK
telephone: +44-01-650-7474
e-mail: i.underwood @ ed.ac.uk

Hyun Jae Kim (Asian Subcommittee Chair)
Yonsei University, Korea
telephone: +81-2-2123-5865
e-mail: hjk3@yonsei.ac.kr

Bill Klein (Symposium Coordinator)
Palisades Convention Management, Inc.
telephone: 1(212) 460-8090 x204 (fax -5460)
e-mail: wklein@pcm411.com

Jay Morreale (Symposium Coordinator)
Palisades Convention Management, Inc.
telephone: 1(917) 301-5194
e-mail: jmorreale@pcm411.com